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Good Ole' GG Allin!

For those who don't know, G.G. was this crazy dude who used to jam to some great punk rock tunes.... he also used to jam on people's heads as well... he was well known for his crazy stage-antics, not to mention his rude and crude tunes...

Sure, the guy was nuts, sure he beat up a lot of people and did a lot of other horrible, horrible things, but hell, the guy ROCKED!!

So anyway, you can click here for G.G.'s obituary from the New York Press, and below, you can see a picture of me and that crazy ole' G.G. during one of the most happiest and scariest moments of my life....

Ya' know, G.G. wasn't really as mean as he acted at least to me, I mean, he was really nice to me, and so was his brother Merle... G.G. sometimes would send me letters yelling at me cuz' I didn't fully understand his mission (I won't even bother explaining that here). But when I hung with G.G. Allin, he was sort of a nice guy. Even when he was beating everyone else up during the shows, he didn't come in my direction at all.... (thankfully...)

If you want some more info on G.G., check out ggallin.com and slowly evolving project by me and Dave Norton who has done a WICKED job on the graphics. Or even better, pick up the book I Was a Murder Junkie written by my pal Evan when he was a roadie for GG's final tour! And since your here, check out the rest of Fed-Up.com!


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