Half Life - Pittsburgh Punk, Circa 1994

UPDATE 7-23-02: See http://www.halflifepunk.com.

While I was a teenager, some of my greatest memories were seeing some kick ass punk rock shows in Pittsburgh.

At the time, we were quite fortunate for the bands that came through town, as I have seen some legendary shows.

We were also lucky to have the band Half Life. Even to this day, I still love Half Life, and would give anything to be able to go back in time and see a Half Life show. They opened for nearly everyone that came through town, and were simply fucking incredible. When they went to other cities, they were the headliners. Half Life rocked.

Unlucky me. My second year of college, all of my Half Life vinyl and cassettes were stolen. The last year I have been trying to track down anything Half Life related, and finally got a complete collection. Get Hip, from Pittsburgh, carries the "What's Right" Cd and I recently found it in my mailbox. The following were all recorded in 1984, and are some "early' Half Life. If your into some pure, unadulterated hard core punk rock from the Steel City's glory days, then check the following tracks out. And visit Get Hip and pick yourself up a copy of this CD!

AND if you are a Half Life fan that stumbled across this page by a search or some other way, send some email. I would love to trade stories...

1: Deathtrap
2: Stupids Die
3: Gimmie The Gun
4: Something's Missing
5: Revile



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